Jul 2nd, 2013
I’m starting to get back into drawing. I’m not fantastic but I enjoy it and want to share it :)
Oct 28th, 2012

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Oct 28th, 2012
Oct 28th, 2012
This is amusing!!!
Oct 28th, 2012
Oct 28th, 2012
Oct 28th, 2012
A leaf on the tree in my front yard :)
Oct 17th, 2012
My dishonored temporary tattoo from work :P
Oct 17th, 2012
He looks so weird!
Oct 16th, 2012
Jul 27th, 2012
Taken with Instagram
Jun 17th, 2012
Jun 12th, 2012
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Day 16, a song that makes you cry or nearly.


A song I’ve been in love with since I was ten. Also the saddest song I’ve ever heard.

Two days past eighteen
He was waiting for the bus in his army green
Sat down in a booth in a cafe there
Gave his order to a girl with a bow in her hair
He’s a little shy so she gives him a smile
And he said would you mind sittin’ down for a while
And talking to me,
I’m feeling a little low
She said I’m off in an hour and I know where we can go

So they went down and they sat on the pier
He said I bet you got a boyfriend but I don’t care
I got no one to send a letter to
Would you mind if I sent one back here to you

Chorus: I cried
Never gonna hold the hand of another guy
Too young for him they told her
Waitin’ for the love of a travelin’ soldier
Our love will never end
Waitin’ for the soldier to come back again
Never more to be alone when the letter said
A soldier’s coming home

So the letters came from an army camp
In California then Vietnam
And he told her of his heart
It might be love and all of the things he was so scared of
He said when it’s getting kinda rough over here
I think of that day sittin’ down at the pier
And I close my eyes and see your pretty smile
Don’t worry but I won’t be able to write for awhile


One Friday night at a football game
The Lord’s Prayer said and the Anthem sang
A man said folks would you bow your heads
For a list of local Vietnam dead
Crying all alone under the stands
Was a piccolo player in the marching band
And one name read but nobody really cared
But a pretty little girl with a bow in her hair

[Chorus x2] 

(Source: hopessandfears)

Jun 8th, 2012
May 29th, 2012
Hair Blog # 2

So its been 3 months since I said I was going to do a hair blog and record my progress.  Well… my hair has grown but not because of the products I used.  I used Mane and Tail for a while but my ends felt dead.  So I started using Suave Damage control shampoo.  I only used it every other day and I have started running more.  In my last post, I said my hair was about an inch below my collarbone and now its two inches below my collar bone which is good.  I didn’t use any of the vitamins I said I would to speed up the process just exercising.  I did get dead ends cut off in late march/ early april but my hair is healthier and is growing and thats all that matters to me :)

Have a fantastical day!